Volkswagen Tiguan Review

Small sport-utility vehicles, or what used to be called "Cute-Utes" (think Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester and Ford Escape) weren't great candidates for the premium treatment at first. Their size and relative austerity kept the price tag significantly under $20,000 for years...making anything more expensive a losing proposition when it came to value.

But now the small SUVs have grown in size and refinement, and going a cut above no longer requires a huge leap from the heart of the segment. Which makes this the right time for the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Drivers who've found the VW Touraeg SUV to be too big, too expensive and too thirsty should wipe the memory bank clean and go for a test drive of the Tiguan. The proportions are perfect, the power-to-weight ratio dead-on, the handling so sweet that I can't bust VW's ad agency for making comparisons with the GTI.

And the Tiguan's interior has a freshness about it that sparkles. It is some of Volkswagen's best work.

If the exchange rate doesn't drive the Tiguan's price up, there's no reason this can't be a home run for VW. It's hard to imagine anyone who drives one not being impressed. If you want one, I'd recommend moving fast before there's a line.

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