Audi TT Roadster Review


What was once a study in half-circles is now a lithe, svelte machine that oozes grace well beyond its small size.

The redesign of the Audi TT makes the coupe look better, too...but the true impact is on the roadster. Put the top down on one of these and just see if the restaurant valet can bring himself to do anything other than leave it up front where it looks so good.

There's a lot in the way of performance to recommend the TT roadster, too. No, it's not a fire-breathing monster, but 200 horsepower in a fairly light body mated to a six-speed automatic is way more than adequate...and returns better than average economy. The EPA says the TT roadster will get 22 miles per gallon in the city, 29 on the highway.

And it's a fine piece as it comes stock...automatic air conditioning, a 9-speaker, 140 watt audio system with CD player, cruise control, and a bunch more standard for $36,800.

Where it can get tricky is the option list. Our tester came with an additional $9,500 worth of leather, audio upgrades, a power folding top, navigation and more ($450 for Bluetooth phone preparation?)...tab that up with the $775 destination charge and the bottom line ended up at $47,075. Ouch.

Exercise some restraint, though, and the TT roadster makes a very good case for itself as a reasonably-priced sports car that looks great, gets good gas mileage and has more performance capability than you'll probably ever need.

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