Jim "Runaway Prius" Sikes: The Mainstream Media Finds Neutral, Hunting For Reverse

The wide-eyed breathless mainstream media acceptance of Jim Sikes' claim that his Toyota Prius accelerated unintentionally on a San Diego County freeway a week ago is evaporating...and all it took was a look at the facts (something we've been doing for.....oh, a week), and the release of a memo detailing the inspection of Sikes' Prius, which, in a nutshell says what he says happened...couldn't have.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) broke the story first on Saturday...quoting "three people familiar with the investigation" who say investigators found a particular pattern of wear on the brakes inconsistent with Sikes' story.

CBS followed up Sunday, reporting on a memo that says investigators "can't replicate the problems Sikes said he encountered."  ABC News said essentially the same thing.

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