Jaguar XJ Super V8 Review

How do you make a Jaguar XJ, already one of the most luxurious sedans available, even more special? Well, Jaguar figured it out.

This is the Jaguar Super V8. Basically, they took an XJ, put in a more powerful supercharged and intercooled engine (400 horsepower), a six-speed automatic transmission and then made everything except Sirius Satellite radio (a $450 option) standard. That means adaptive cruise control, air suspension, a long-wheelbase alloy body, speed-sensitive steering, dynamic stability control, a 320 watt Alpine audio system, a four-zone climate control setup, Bluetooth, DVD, navigation, heated and cooled seats and inlaid walnut.


The really amazing thing is, it does make a difference. It is a noticeable and maybe even justifiable jump over the "plain" XJ. It needs to be, because it adds about 20 large to the sticker...the tester I drove had a bottom line reading $95,200. But the XJ has been one of my faves since its redesign six years ago...and the Super V8 actually makes a strong case for spending the extra money.

EPA estimates (if you care): 15 city/22 highway.

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