Just How Far It's Gone

A sobering article from Peter De Lorenzo at Autoextremist.com about the need for GM to re-name when (is there still a chance it's "if"?) they reorganize through bankruptcy. Read it here.


Hyundai Genesis V6 Review

Back from a couple of weeks learning new things and I thought I'd try one of them out.

What you see above, instead of the usual still picture, is a collage from a company called Vuvox. Photos, video, text...all kinds of stuff can be cobbled together to create a slideshow.

Click the square button to the left of "share" to play it fullscreen.

This is a first, stills and text only effort..about 30 minutes of trial and error on software I only heard about yesterday. My thanks to NBC News correspondent John Larson for letting me (and a roomful of about 20 others) know about it.

Is it a new way of reviewing the cars...especially once I get on top of the learning curve? I don't know. I welcome your input.

As for the Hyundai Genesis, important information that didn't fit into the quickie Vuvox:

Five-star crash ratings in all categories.

EPA estimated 18 city/27 highway miles per gallon.

Can Hyundai pull this off? Challenging Lexus (and to a lesser extent, Infiniti and Acura)? Just remember how Lexus started...by challenging Mercedes-Benz with a competitive car priced $15,000 lower.

This could be interesting.