TireKicker's 4th Anniversary!


There's only one thing more intimidating to a writer than a blank sheet of paper. And that's day one of an online venture. It's not just a single page with not a mark on it...it's infinity. And that's where yours truly was four years ago today, August 24, 2008, when I sat down to begin writing the first review for TireKicker.

11 years of reviewing automobiles in other media (radio and TV) still didn't erase the apprehension of the unknown...of dipping that toe into the water. It has turned out more than fine. 48 months, more than 600 reviews and articles and an ever-growing number of readers in all 50 states and many countries around the globe.

As we enter year five, we're as always looking for ways to make TireKicker better, smarter, and most important...more useful to you. If you have a suggestion, by all means, use the comment button below or drop us an email at tirekickerblog@gmail.com .

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New Car Review: 2013 Ford Flex

Front three-quarters view of blue 2013 Ford Flex. in suburban driveway
The 2013 Ford Flex.
I parked the new, mildly facelifted 2013 Ford Flex next to a 2012 in a shopping center parking lot a few days ago. By coincidence, the woman who owned the '12 and I came out of the store at the same time. She saw me opening the '13 and asked:

"Where did you go to get your Flex customized like that? I LOVE it!"

That, my friends, is the sign of a successful freshening. Most of the time, you still can't tell last year's model from this years. With a shape as distinctive as the Flex's, that risk is increased. But the new grille and "I didn't know you could make them like that" headlamps transform the Flex.