Suzuki SX4 Review

GPS Navigation systems have been around for about 10 years now and one thing hasn't changed...they're expensive...usually about $2,000. For that reason, they've been virtually absent in small cars. When you're pushing a $15,000 car, having one option that can make the price $17,000 isn't such a great strategy.

So big props to Suzuki for doing the intelligent thing. They've partnered with Garmin (makers of portable navigation systems) and made the Garmin Nuvi 770 standard equipment in the SX4. It's a cool piece, featuring Bluetooth hands-free phone functionality, real-time traffic updates and MSN Direct features including news and entertainment updates. It can even store mp3 files and double as a music player.

Best of all, it's portable...just snap it out of the housing on the dash and take it with you to operate on battery power. There's a "pedestrian" mode for navigating your walks.

The Nuvi's suggested retail price is just under $700, but a quick Google search shows them retailing for as little as $359. And you know Suzuki got a deal.

That means a very small bump in the price point for the SX4, which starts at $15,939...with the Nuvi as standard equipment.

The SX4 is a fine small car, a lot more fun to drive than we expected before we drove one last year. The innovative thinking that led to the inclusion of the Nuvi just shows that Suzuki shouldn't be underestimated or overlooked when it comes to small cars.

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