Toyota Tundra 4x4 Double Cab Review

Size matters. Especially for pickups used for work. You know, things like construction, trailer and boat towing. For years, Toyota kept erring on the side of small with its fullsize pickup, the Tundra (and before that, the T-100).

Well, Toyota finally got over its shyness and went all-out with the latest Tundra, unveiled in 2007. So much so that some people think it's too big. That was my take after a week in the CrewMax model last year. But there's a happy medium between the CrewMax and the standard two-door...and that's the Double Cab.

The measurable difference is only a few inches, but it changes the feel and driving dynamics. No question it's still a big truck, but in Double Cab trim, the Tundra is much more manageable.

As equipped, the test vehicle was easier to handle price-wise, too. An SR5 instead of a Limited, the base price was $31,260...and options were applied with an eyedropper rather than a firehose...a navigation system, with 440 watt JBL audio system, sliding rear window, deck rail system, bedliner and security system pushing the bottom line up to $35,794...reasonable for a well-equipped truck that seats five...especially compared to the $40,000 plus examples I've tested before.

Even with the 5.7 liter 381 horsepower V8, the EPA says the Tundra is capable of 13 city miles per gallon and 17 highway. I saw about 15 in a mix of the two, so they may be close. A V6 is available for even better (by big truck standards) fuel economy.

There will always be a place for big trucks. Toyota now has a legitimate claim to part of that business.

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