Infiniti QX56 Review

The folly of the "bigger is better" mantra as regards SUVs gets laid on Detroit's doorstep, but it's worth remembering that the Japanese drank that particular batch of Kool-Aid, too (save Honda).

The Infiniti QX56 is a whopper...built on the platform for the Nissan Titan pickup and Armada SUV. In fact, the QX56 is really just an upscale Armada.

So what is it besides huge? Well, fairly powerful (320 horsepower from a 5.6 liter
V8), well-equipped (20-inch wheels, power and heated everything, Bluetooth, a 12-speaker Bose audio system with hard drive and flash drive slot) and thirsty...at an EPA estimated 12 city/17 highway miles per gallon (see "fairly powerful" for the reason why.

As is, the QX56 starts at $58,150, but Nissan's test fleet folks ordered this one up with a Technology Package (Intelligent Cruise Control and Front Sonar) and the Infiniti Mobile Entertainment System (a DVD player for the folks in back). That, with delivery, brings the price up to $6,185.

I can't sit here and bag on any one part of the QX56. Infiniti succeeded in building the vehicle they wanted to build. But times have changed...and anything that feels bigger and more ostentatious than either an Escalade or Navigator is likely to be a tough sell for the forseeable future.

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