2010 Prius: 2X More Complaints to NHTSA Than All Other '10 Toyotas Combined

On the heels of word that Toyota will be recalling the 2010 Prius for the brake design problem Toyota admitted to earlier today, this unhelpful (for Toyota) statistic:

The 2010 Prius has been the subject of more complaints to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration than all other 2010 Toyotas combined. Twice as many, in fact. And five times the second highest, the Corolla.

NHTSA says of the 171 complaints they've recieved about the new Prius, 124 were specifically about braking problems.

Teething issues with a new model? Not likely. NHTSA recieved 2,310 driver complaints about the previous-generation Prius between 2004 and 2009...only 30 fewer than for all Toyota models in the same five-year period. 

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