US Transportation Secretary: Prius Brakes, Electronics "Under Investigation"

And the hits (to Toyota's formerly bullet-proof reputation) just keep on coming. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's complaints about uninteded acceleration in his Toyota Prius hybrid may have gotten Toyota's attention (after it got the media's), but the Feds are right behind them.

The Detroit News quotes U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood as saying his department is "investigating", "will keep the pressure on" and will "make sure they (Toyota) realize how serious this is."

And all this is separate from floor mats and gas pedal recalls.

While Wozniak's inteviews were the first a lot of people had heard about possible software glitches in the Prius Hybrid, trouble's been bubbling under for some time. The Phoenix New Times did a lengthy piece about allegedly out-of-control Priuses in April of 2009.

And while we at TireKicker have never experienced unintended acceleration, our July 1, 2009 review of the 2010 Prius focused on a different electronic glitch...which allowed the car to be mistakenly shifted into Park while in motion.

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