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TireKicker drives more than 50 cars a year and then shares our insights with you. Each post has a comment feature we invite you to use to share your opinions of the cars we're reviewing or the news we're covering.  And we hope you'll spread the word about TireKicker to your friends.

You won't find reviews motivated by ad dollars or personal biases. You won't have to cut through snark and attitude to find the information you need. A car is the second-biggest purchase most of us will ever make (the biggest for many). We trust them with our lives and the lives of our loved ones and rely on them for our jobs. We're here to help you make that big decision.

TireKicker's Publisher and Executive Editor, based in Sacramento, California, is Michael Hagerty, the first automotive journalist in Phoenix to do a weekly auto review on television (KTVK's Good Morning Arizona, 1997-2000), on radio (KTAR, 2000-2002), the first to do a weekly half-hour auto review magazine show on TV (Autoshow with Michael Hagerty, KAZT-TV, 2002-2008), and the first with an online site reviewing more than 50 cars per year, continuously since August of 2008.

Our plans for the future include bureaus, correspondents and contributors from a wide cross-section of the country, with unique voices and experiences while behind the wheel.

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TireKicker is just a click away: tirekickerblog@gmail.com

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