Honda Accord LX Review

After absolutely loving the loaded V6 Honda Accord Coupe, I was wondering if there'd be some letdown in driving the 4-door, 4-cylinder LX Premium sedan.

What was I thinking?

If you've looked at the sales charts and wondered why, with a relatively economical V6 available, most Accords sold are 4-cylinders, this car answers the question. The six is fun, but the four is fine (172 horsepower is more than adequate for this car's weight)...and the mileage skyrockets!

Honda delivered the tester absolutely box stock...no options. And though at one time, LX was the top of the line (okay, I'm showing my age), it's now the base model, with LX Premium one notch above and EX and EX-L above that.

Now, "base" is a relative term here. The LX comes with air conditioning, steering wheel audio and cruise controls, anti-lock brakes a 160-watt audio system and a bunch more. LX Premium swaps the 16 inch steel wheels for alloys of the same size, adds a security system, chrome exhaust finisher, automatic front passenger and driver's windows, illuminated window switches and an 8-way power adjustment for the driver's seat...kicking the price tag up by $1,000.

Bottom line, with automatic transmission: $22,555 plus delivery. Honda's manuals are so silky smooth, you could knock $800 off the price by going with a stick and never regret it.

Oh, yes...the mileage. EPA says 21 city, 31 highway. I have a friend who bought one about three months ago. He says the EPA's being conservative.

In 11 years as a professional TireKicker, the Honda Accord is the one car I've never second-guessed as a recommendation. Take even a modicum of care of it and it'll run for 200,000 miles. And you'll have a very well-equipped family sedan with good power and great mileage for the low 20's. You can't go wrong.