Range Rover Supercharged Review

Sometimes the photos just nail it. It's tempting to write as little as possible and let the image do the talking.

To me, the shot of the Range Rover Supercharged above says "There are no other vehicles." "I'm it."

If that were the case, we'd need to carpool. The Range Rover Supercharged costs $93,325. That's without California emissions or transportation charges.

Which means it really costs $94,225.

If you could find one without options. The one Land Rover sent over for a weeklong test had black wood, a six disc DVD system with dual headrest displays, remote control and a 4-zone climate control.

Which cost $97,775.

I'm sure there's something you could find on the option sheet that costs $2,225 to bring this up to a nice, even hundred grand.

So what does it buy you? Well, it buys the flagship Range Rover, a thoroughly impressive vehicle...but with a 400 horsepower supercharged engine that makes 420 pounds per foot of torque. Which means this thing pulls like a freight train and once it overcomes inertia, it's all about speed.

Black inside, black outside, with 20 inch alloy wheels...a 710-watt, 14 speaker surround sound audio system. Hey, I was rollin' like an NBA player (apart from the 6 foot tall, 30 pounds overweight, 53 years old part).

Look, if you can afford it (don't forget tax, license, insurance and that 12 miles per gallon in town is expensive...and 18 on the highway isn't stellar), it's pretty awesome.

The Great Depression had Deusenbergs...we've got this.