Toyota FJ Cruiser Review

If this were Jalopnik, the headline above would no doubt be something like "Honky Tonka" (Well, maybe not Jalopnik...their heads tend to be longer and more ironic).

After all, that's what the FJ Cruiser has been for the three years it's been around...a real-life, full-scale Tonka Truck.

But that's about to end. Toyota has said there won't be a next generation FJ...there's no assurance it will live beyond the 2010 model year.

My take is that the FJ got a bad rap. Being a large scale, in-your-face SUV, a lot of people have lumped it into the same genre as Hummers...and they couldn't be more wrong.

The FJ is actually a fairly economical vehicle...with base prices beginning at $23,320 and EPA mileage estimates of 17 city, 21 highway.

It's rugged, fun and (relatively) cheap. If that sounds like what you're after, do yourself the favor of a test drive...and if you like the FJ, get one before they're gone.