Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Limited Review

The Subaru Forester has long been a favorite of ours...a no-nonsense small SUV that really blazed the trail for what has been a hot segment.

Even as Subaru has refined the Forester over the years, they've managed not to lose the thread.

But, as we've noted before...good basics can be obscured by too much stuff...and ponying up for the Limited trim level might be going a bridge too far.

There's nothing wrong with what you get...especially the 225 horsepower turbocharged engine...but the moonroof, leather and upgraded audio system carry a price: $29,995.

That's right...a mere five bucks shy of 30 grand for a Forester.

And our tester had XM Satellite radio as an option (the only one), so with delivery charges, it bottom-lined at $31,143.


Especially since the base Subaru Forester is $11,000 less than that. Yep...your basic 2.5X is only $20,295...and gets 20 city/26 highway.

Now, admittedly the extra 55 horsepower of the turbo at a penalty of one mile per gallon city, two highway is pretty appealing...but you can get that starting in the 2.5 XT Premium at $26,495...a price point that still makes some sense for the Forester.

Don't get me wrong...there's not a single bad thing about the XT Limited apart from price point and mission creep. If you want a luxo Forester, go for it. But, frankly, I hope the demand is small...lest Subaru be tempted to think there's a market worth chasing at the expense of its absolutely on-target lower-margin machines.