TireKicker Turns Three!

blue balloon reading happy third birthday

On August 24, 2008, I sat down at a computer and prepared to type the first words that would be published under the TireKicker banner. Even though I'd been reviewing cars for eleven years at that point, I fought the urge to type "Is this thing on?", because I had no idea if anyone would ever see what I wrote.

Review #1 was a fairly straightforward (and very brief) review of the 2009 BMW 128i Convertible. Since then, hundreds more have followed. As have many thousands of readers.

This summer has been a time of huge growth for TireKicker: Inclusion in Technorati's Top 100 Auto Sites and an explosion in visitors and pageviews. Doing a quick check of the analytics today, I was happy to see that not only has the past month been another all-time record, but that, if we maintained the traffic levels we have today, it would only take us seven months to equal the total number of pageviews we've had in the first three years.

So, whether you're reading TireKicker for the first time or have been with us since the beginning, thank you. Please come back, feel free to use the comment button, and share with your friends using the handy e-mail, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and +1 tool at the bottom of each post.

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Thanks again for your support!