New Car Review: 2012 Lincoln MKT

Front 3/4 view of silver 2012 Lincoln MKT
The 2012 Lincoln MKT.
It's been nearly a year since our review of the Lincoln MKT (that one with EcoBoost), so we requested another, this one with the standard 3.7 liter Duratec V6, from Fiesta Lincoln in Mesa, Arizona.

The differences? You give up 87 horsepower (getting 268 instead of 355), get one mile per gallon more in both the city and highway EPA estimates (17 and 24) and keep $1,995 in your pocket (paying a base price of $44,300 instead of $46,295).

Rear view of the 2012 Lincoln MKT.

With that vast a difference in horsepower, there's no way it's not going to be noticeable...and it was. But, surprisingly, I didn't miss it. Truth be told, as great a bargain as the EcoBoost is (where else can you pick up an additional 85 horses for under 2 grand and give up so little in the way of fuel efficiency?), the 268 horses in the Duratec V6 is more than sufficient to move the MKT in 99% of most people's driving.

The styling is still a love it or hate it proposition (we've warmed up to it), and the overall driving experience is not unlike the Lincoln MKS sedan, which we've always enjoyed.

The 2012 Lincoln MKT interior.

Of course, what the MKT gives you that the MKS can't is space. Space for seven people with the third row seats up...five people and a lot of groceries, suitcases or golf bags with the third row folded down.

Our tester came stock, which kept the price, with destination charges, just under $46,000. That meant no HD radio (meh), and no nav system (your phone does that), but those were tradeaways we could live with. At $46,000, the MKT is a capable, well-priced luxury wagon well worth your time and attention.