Slow and Steady Wins...What, Exactly? The 2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT

Front 3/4 view of 2016 Lexus CT 200h
The 2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT.
What we have here is a contradictiton in terms.

F-SPORT is Lexus' performance brand.  The CT 200h is a stylish hybrid hatchback for Lexus buyers who can't bring themselves to save money on a loaded Toyota Prius.

Rear 7/8 view of 2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT
2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT.
There are, to be fair, other Lexus models for which the F-SPORT is all about style and not about performance, but they are reasonably quick with their standard powerplants.

In Sport mode, the CT 200h will do 0-60 in 9.7 seconds.  The same as a Prius.  Take it out of Sport mode and it will take more than 10 seconds.  And you will get nowhere near the Prius' EPA fuel economy estimate of 51 city/48 highway.  The CT 200h promises 43 city/40 highway.  That is a significant fuel economy penalty for identical performance.

And then there's price.  A top-of-the-line Prius Five starts at $30,005.  A CT 200h at $31,250.  But you'll have to add $3,125 for the F-SPORT Luxury Package (17-inch alloy wheels, mesh grille, rear spoiler with cutouts, black headliner, aluminum sport pedals, perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel, perforated leather-trimmed shift knob, F-SPORT exterior badges, metal-tone instrument panel trim, sport-tuned suspension, black roof, rain-sensing wipers, HoneLink, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, auto-dimming exterior mirrors with automatic reverse tilt, heated front seats, driver seat memory and F SPORT smooth leather seats.

Interior view of 2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT
2016 Lexus CT 200h F-SPORT interior.
But that is not all.  There's another $1,265 for the F-SPORT LED headlamps/fog lamps and driving lamps.  And $3,480 additional for a navigation system including a backup camera, premium audio system, remote touch controller, and the Lexus Enform app suite.

Not finished yet, though.  Intuitive park assist with clearance and back sonar is another $500.  And the power tilt-and-slide moonroof with sliding sunshade is $1,100.

With delivery, processing and handling fee, the as-tested price of our CT 200h F-SPORT came to $41,860.  A fully loaded Prius Five with the performance package is $38,655.

We've said it before: If the object of a hybrid is to save, the CT 200h F-SPORT, costing more to begin with, performing no better and getting worse gas mileage than the Prius with which it shares a powertrain, makes no sense.