Unbroken. Unbreakable: The 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail
The 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail.
The old saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Fortunately, Toyota has heard the old saying and the 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail is proof that they take it to heart.

Rear 3/4 view of 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail
2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail.
It was just over a year ago that I reviewed the 2015 4Runner Trail, and called it the purest expression of the 4Runner.  As one of the few remaining truck-based midsize SUVs, the 4Runner is at some practical disadvantages to more modern crossovers if the intent is to use it as a suburban cruiser.  But equipped in Trail form, the 4Runner is a reminder of what these vehicles were once all about---and how Toyota's original 4Runner was the---no pun intended---forerunner.

As with last year's test vehicle, ours was the 4Runner Trail Premium 4X4.  This year's base price of $39,095---a modest increase of $440 over 2015---buys a lengthy list of standard features.

Interior view of 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail
2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail interior.
This year's test vehicle was equipped identically to last year's, with the same two options---a sliding rear cargo deck with under floor storage compartment ($350) and the variable hydraulic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System ($1,750).  Last year's test vehicle also had $750 in 30th anniversary savings, but in year 31, Toyota has kept the discount and renamed it the "Keep It Wild" savings.

With $900 delivery processing and handling fee---$15 more than last year, the as-tested price came to
$41,345. In Trail trim, the Toyota 4Runner conveys the impression that you're buying as capable and reliable an off-road machine as exists.