Vehicular Fitness: The 2018 Honda Fit Sport

Front 3/4 view of 2018 Honda Fit Sport
The 2018 Honda Fit Sport.
When you want to offer a "sport" version of a car, but can't offer a more powerful engine, it's time for paint, trim pieces, black wheels and a six-speed manual.

That, in a nutshell, is the formula for the 2018 Honda Fit Sport.

Rear 3/4 view of 2018 Honda Fit Sport
2018 Honda Fit Sport.
As we've noted before, the Honda Fit is a tremendous value proposition.  Base price for the base LX model is $16,190 and while styling is a matter of some debate among potential buyers, there's no denying the tremendous space utilization inside this rather small car.

The Fit Sport is the second step up the price ladder, with a base price of $17,500.   You get the multi-angle rear camera and 6-speed manual transmission that comes in the LX (a Continuously Variable automatic is available at extra cost in both), but front, side and underbody spoilers, 16-inch black alloy wheels and a 7-inch touchscreeen audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto get folded into the mix.

Interior view of 2018 Honda Fit Sport
2018 Honda Fit Sport interior.

Take it just as it comes and the bottom line (with $890 destination and handling) is a shockingly low $18,390.  The EPA fuel economy estimate of 36 highway/29 city remains the same as the other Fit models.  And this little car is an absolute ball to drive.  The Fit Sport appearance items may help or hurt the already unorthodox styling, depending on your point of view, but it's hard to knock this blend of low purchase price,  high gas mileage, large carrying capacity and pure driving fun.