Good Companies Continuing To Do Good: The Turn 5 Scholarship Winners for Spring 2020

One of the proudest associations we have here at TireKicker is with Turn5.  That name may not ring a bell, but Turn5 owns American Muscle and Extreme Terrain, which have been advertisers on TireKicker since 2012 and American Trucks, which joined the party at the beginning of last year.

Advertising on TireKicker doesn't buy a company editorial coverage, but Turn5 does a lot of good.  We've told you about their Positive Payload Program, which gives money to charities that use American pickups in their service to the community twice a year.  And, back in November, we covered their bi-annual scholarship program.  The winners have been announced for Spring of 2020:

American Muscle's scholarship is an essay-based program.  Entrants write about how they plan to use their automotive education to drive change in the custom car industry.  Four winners are selected, two per semester. The scholarship is $2,000 each.  It's been going on since 2013, with 24 winners so far---the two newest just this month---Josiah Dumitrescu from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan and Olivia Larson, a high school senior who has engineering program applications into several universities. 

American Trucks started its own scholarship program in 2018, focusing on students striving to contribute to the construction and building trades.  Each year, four winners are awarded $2,000 each and this semester's winners are Jesse Larson of Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, Washington and Kevon Smith from Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Extreme Terrain's program awards $3,000 once per semester.  This semester's winner is Jordan Buslewicz from the University of Connecticut. 

All told, Turn5 has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to deserving students in the past five years, beginning the year the company was founded---giving back right out of the gate.  That's not only newsworthy, it's noteworthy and admirable.  Again, we're proud of our association with Turn 5.