Jim "Runaway Prius" Sikes UPDATE: Sacramento Station Interviews Former Neighbors, Demonstrates 4 Ways To Stop Speeding Prius

KTXL, Channel 40, the FOX affiliate in Sacramento, picks up where the ABC station in San Diego left off...advancing the story by interviewing former neighbors in Atwater, a Central California town where Sikes lived in the early '00s.

And, in about a minute and a half, a FOX reporter does what Sikes couldn't do for 20 minutes...stop a speeding Prius four different ways.

The text version of KTXL's report goes deeper, confirming yesterday's online reports that Sikes also operates an adult swinger's website with the same phone number as his real estate business.

And about that Corvette Owners Club of San Diego jacket Sikes wore on Monday? The club tells KTXL he's a former member...and they're "embarrassed that he couldn't stop his car".

Sikes is swimming upstream in terms of public opinion, at least on the KTXL website. The "do you believe him?" poll here.

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