Mazda 6 Touring Plus Review

Unconditional recommendations are hard to come by these days...especially about cars. But here's one:

If you're looking for a family sedan, you have to...absolutely have to...test drive the Mazda 6.

For years, people's defaults have been Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Both fine choices. But like the Subaru Legacy, the Mazda 6 seems to get left off the shopping list, and sales are a fraction of the Toyota or Honda.

They're missing out. Mazdas are much more involving...driver's cars...and as a bonus, they're usually a little bit less expensive besides.

Example: The Touring Plus model I tested for a week recently. 170 horsepower 4 cylinder engine that feels like a lot more since the 6 is light (for its class) and responsive. 17 inch wheels, moonroof, power drivers
seat, a 6-disc AM/FM/CD/mp3 system with 6 speakers and a bunch more...all standard for a base price of $23,750.

And the tester had only two options....California and New York emissions ($100) and satellite radio ($430). Total with delivery charges: $25,030. That's strong value for a very, very good car.

It's getting hard to pick a winner in this segment. There's something to recommend in Accord, Camry, Legacy, Altima, Fusion/Milan and Malibu. The 6 has earned a place in that pack.