Challenger Auction Goes Wrong: Dealer Tries To Back Out Of $29,100 Bid for SRT-8

Glenn E. Thomas Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep in Signal Hill, California had an '09 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 it wanted to sell. 500 miles on the odometer...a demonstrator, maybe?

Anyway, they went the eBay auction route. Apparently, it was their first time at the rodeo...er, auction...because they neglected to put a reserve on it. A reserve is a minimum bid. If no bidders get that high, the car doesn't change hands.

Well, the sticker was $46,425 and the winning bid was $29,100 and Glenn E. Thomas is telling the winning bidder "no sale".

Unfortunately for Glenn E. Thomas, the winning bidder is a member of the Challenger Talk Forums and knows how to use them...meaning the story and the outrage is spreading like wildfire.

Scope out the eBay posting here (ignore the "bidding has ended" notice and just scroll down)...

Meantime, Glenn E. Thomas is running a straight sale on eBay, this one for a used 2010 Challenger RT, with an "advertised price" of $39,995. They say 984 miles...the photo shows the odometer reading 986.