Jim Sikes: Corvettes I Can Handle...Now What Is Neutral All About Again?

The picture above is of San Diego "runaway Prius" driver Jim Sikes talking to a TV news reporter Monday afternoon, following a news conference about his alleged unintended acceleration incident.

That's him with his back to you....wearing a "Corvette Owners Club of San Diego" jacket.

Now let me get this straight: A Corvette owner...who panics about doing 80 miles an hour on the interstate and later tells a magazine he didn't put the car in neutral because he "thought it would stop too suddenly"?

To borrow a phrase from at least two other automotive blogs: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

IF Sikes belongs to the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego (I'm waiting on a response to my request for confirmation by the club), he's in for some serious ribbing at the next meeting.

Even better, his real estate website shows a company car...a PT Cruiser.

Meantime, people claiming to know Jim Sikes are starting to bubble up in the most interesting places and leaving comments. Like here. And definitely here.

And before you think that Prius drivers are all car-haters who can't drive, the Prius Chat boards are really worth a read. There are two threads on Mr. Sikes' wild ride, here and here.

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