TireKicker Time Machine: 1962 Chrysler 300


No, not a 300H...just a 300. But who's complaining?


Judging by the temporary plate, this '62 recently found a new home and it appears the new owner was having some work done at this local shop.

Like yesterday's '55 Chevy Two-Ten, this big Chrysler appears to be all original and mostly all there.


The single missing hubcap (right front) actually adds a bit of menace to this mean machine.


Apart from the aftermarket steering wheel wrapper, the interior seems to be original and in very good shape, as well. If this one's been in Arizona for more than a couple of years, it must have been garaged or at least tucked away in a carport.


And those canted headlights? Always loved 'em. A one-year deal for the big Mopar...and much more nicely done, in my opinion, than the 1960 Lincoln.


So what's the difference between the 300 and the legendary 300 "letter cars" (the 300H in 1962)? Get the facts here.


tomservo56954 said...

In Canada, the non-letter 300s were badged as the Saratoga (a name used by Chrysler in the States from 1939-54 and 1957-61). and was offered as a sedan. That explains why company production figures from 1962 to 1966 list a 300 four-door sedan.

Paul Duca

David said...

Canted headlights were a two-year deal for the big Mopar -- the '62 Chrysler had basically the same front end as the '61.