Car and Driver Lends Perspective To Consumer Reports Lexus GX 460 Warning

When Consumer Reports announced Tuesday it considered the Lexus GX 460 a safety risk because it can get sideways in an emergency maneuver before the electronic stability control steps in to right things,  Toyota quickly and calmly announced they are suspending sales of the GX 460 until they can determine if CR is right and what to do about it.

But calm is elusive in media...especially online, where bloggers, including this one who calls herself a "big ball of paranoia", can spread fear (and occasionally misunderstanding and misinformation) fast.

Enter Car and Driver's John Yanca, who picked up the phone, called CR, found out what the tests were all about...and says there's a simple solution. It starts with not driving a tall SUV into a curve at 15 miles per hour over the posted speed. Well worth the read and some thought.