TireKicker Time Machine: 1971 Chevrolet El Camino

Now here's a genuine survivor....a 1971 Chevy El Camino that hasn't been jacked up, painted metallic whatever or any other attempts to make it look "bad".


In fact, these delicate paint accents, hand-done and signed by the artist, are the only appearance mods to this 39-year old El Camino. And from the looks of them, they were probably done in the 1970s.


Aftermarket wheels? Nope...this ElCam has what it wore rolling off the assembly line.


In fact, the only modification is a non-cosmetic one...the addition of a spray-in bedliner. Extra points for the single crushed beer can.


And this particular vehicle is packing the second most potent powerplant offered in '71...the 400 (formerly known as the 396). As with all 1971 cars, some detuning had taken place...the engine that made 350 horsepower in '70 was only good for 300 this time around, but waiting until '72 would have been a mistake. It dropped to 240 (as the 402) then.


As with this week's '55 Chevy Two-Ten and '62 Chrysler 300, this one could use a little TLC (in fact, it could use it more than the others) but it's complete and honest...just how we like our TireKicker Time Machines.