TireKicker Time Machine: 1966 VW Type II Transporter

Some vehicles just produce an involuntary smile whenever I see them...the VW Type II Transporter (or Bus) is pretty close to the top of that list.

Sure, they were noisy and slow (and one stranded me and a group of other 12 year olds on a 100-degree afternoon for several hours)...but finding one in either unmolested or reasonably restored condition is a real treat.

Truth is, you don't see many of these as anything other than basket cases or hippie van re-creations (and occasionally both)...so something that looks like it's still 1966 is a wonderful thing.

The tip-off that it's a 66?  There are only two clues. Can you spot them? Hit "comments" if you think you know.

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Lauren Polanski said...

Hi Michael! Saw your tweet linking this! I'll take a guess at the two clues that tip the car off as being a '66, though I know nothing about vehicles...
1.) Lettering on the back rather than a VW logo?
2.) The shape of the bumper?

If I were driving this VW, I'd feel so much like playing a KIMN aircheck.

Michael Hagerty, Founder/Editor said...

Lauren: More than 24 hours and you were the only one brave enough to try...so big points there.

The answer is the little pushbutton above the license plate that opens the hatch. First year for that was '66. In '67, it began a handle with a pushbutton in it and that indentation you see below the silver pushbutton vanished.

tomservo56954 said...

It is also useful for space travel...a Type II Transporter carried Pearl Forrester through the heavens, to torment Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo with cheesy movies (on the later seasons of the beloved cult TV series MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000).

Paul Duca
MST3K Info Club Member #56954