Nissan Altima 2.5 S Review

Tempted by the Nissan Altima Hybrid (as I was), but looking to skip the tech and save a few bucks?

Well, the Altima 2.5 S is one heck of a deal. All the Altima goodness that I've been telling you about in both the Hybrid and Coupe models, but with a 2.5 liter 16-valve four-cylinder under the hood. 170 horsepower routed through a continuously variable transmission. Way beyond adequate performance and amenities and some seriously stingy results in terms of mileage. The EPA says 23 city/31 highway, just missing TireKicker's Top Ten Fuel Savers...and we saw a real-world combined 27 miles per gallon in our week with the car.

And the price is right...base $21,540...loading it up with luxuries like leather, a moonroof, Bluetooth and an upgraded Bose audio system still only pushed the bottom line to a very reasonable $25,800.

With Accord, Malibu and Fusion in the mix, there are a lot of strong family sedans to choose from...the Altima belongs on absolutely everyone's list.